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The 2022-2023 School year was marked with joyful –learning, celebrations, competitions and achievements. Every day was a combination of consistent and sincere efforts by all to ensure a productive and enjoyable learning experience for our students.

School Reopening

  • The new academic year vivaciously started in 1st June 2022 with much enthusiasm and lots of dreams.

  • LKG and UKG classes were started on June 8th.

X and XII Results

CBSE declared X and XII results in the month of July.

The students of class X and XII have Showcased a tremendous execution of hard work with 100 percentage results in the CBSE board exams. The topper of X std is Aleema Majinas with 98% marks and the XII topper is Siddharth Babu P with 96 %. 14 students of class X scored above 90 % marks.

School Parliament Election

The school parliament members took the oath and accepted their respective roles in the month of November. Abhinav Vinod of class XI elected as school leader and Fathima Zenha of IX elected as school assistant leader.

Special Assembly and important days

School assembly is a gathering of all or part of a school purposes, such as special programs or communicating information basis. In our school assembly being conducted for different classes with prayer, pledge , speech, thought for the day, news reading, cultural activities and physical exercises.

Days with significance are always celebrated to help the students understand its relevance. A list of days observed at our school includes world Environment day, Yoga day, Reading day , Independence day , Hindi day, Republic day, International mother language day and many more with different programs and competitions.

  • World Environment day was celebrated on June 5th with different competitions like coloring , speech , poster making , science quiz and video making.

  • National reading day was celebrated on 19th June by conducting different reading week completions like poem recitation, speech, newspaper reading, book review, magazine cover making, quiz etc..

  • International Yoga day was celebrated on June 21st with different completions including poster making, clay moulding, yoga quiz etc. Our students performed yoga dance at Kannur Fort.

  • National reading day was celebrated on 19th June by conducting different reading week completions like poem recitation, speech, newspaper reading, book review, magazine cover making, quiz etc..

  • On accordance with Independence day our students were asked to share a photograph of saluting Indian Flag at home related to HAR GHAR THIRANGA through whatsapp to their class teacher. Also they were asked to send a performance related to Independence day .

  • Onam celebration (SRAVANA POLIMA) was conducted in September with different competitions like Onapattu, Thiruvathira, Atha pookalam etc..

  • A poster making competition was conducted on September 23rd related to Hindi Pakhwada for class VIII-X students

  • Hindi divas was celebrated on September 14th in school assembly with different programs like speech group song poem recitation etc.

  • In connection with Gandhi Jayanthi students were asked to clean their houses and premises and also they were asked to send the photograph of the same to their class teacher .

  • In collaboration with Central Vigilance commission CBSE had conducted an essay writing competition for the students on 10th October.

  • CBSE conducted a Quiz competition to spread awareness regarding INTERPOL on 28th October.

  • Children’s day was celebrated with different programs including fashion show , group action song, doll dance, musical drama, etc.

  • Republic day was celebrated with different programs like patriotic song, poster making, quiz competition etc.

  • International Mother Language day was celebrated in school assembly with different programs.

Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities

  • School level drawing competitions and literary competitions were conducted in the month of July.

  • Arts fest competitions (Rangotsav 2022-23) for I, II and III categories were held in the month of August .

  • Conducted Rangotsav arts fest for III ,IV &V category in the month of August.

  • District level Sahodaya Competition held on October 14th .Our school was a venue for Malayalam and Hindi recitation.

  • School annual sports meet was conducted on 29th September.

  • Conducted KG Sports day on 3rd November.

  • KG literary competition was conducted on 5th November.

Competitions and Achievements

“Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has an ambitious desire”

  • Our students participated in various championships, Quizes , competitions organized by CBSE as well as other organizations and have won many accolades and prizes.

  • Olympiads are given due importance and students are encouraged to actively participate. It challenges their intellect and promotes deeper understanding. Our students participated in the mathematics and science Olympiads conducted by Sahodaya.

  • SAHODAYA TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION was conducted on 29th October, many of our students secured excellent positions.

  • SUGAMA HINDI EXAMINATION was conducted on 19th November .

  • Anushma K of class VIII won gold medal in boxing conducted by Kannur District amateur boxing association.

  • Sreebala Lohi of class VI secured third prize in district level Sahodaya competition ( water color).

  • Many students Secured I and II prizes in different competitons helded by Jawahar Bal Bhavan in connection with Children’s day.

  • Rithwik Ranjith secured I prize in Poomaram Chitrolsavam under junior session conducted by Grama swaraj foundation.

  • Sreenanda Prasanth of class IX secured II prize in Poomaram Chitrolsavam conducted by Grama swaraj foundation.

  • Aaradhya Rileesh (LKG) won II prize in coloring competition held at Jawaharlal Nehru Public Library and Research center .Ayisha Mifra and Arav Rinil of LKG got consolation prizes.

  • Dhanvin K and Niya Aysha K T of UKG won prizes in coloring competition held at Nithyananda School.

  • Our School secured overall championship in yoga competition conducted by Kannur district yoga association. Lemin Shahid T P of class X ,Jithu K of class XII and Muhammed varies of class XII secured I,II and III positions respectively in Junior boys. Saniya K of XII and K C Devika pf XII secured II and III prizes in junior category.

  • Aishwarya Sugesh , Nanda Rameshan and Adwaith of class X secured III position in Sahodaya Heritage quiz.

  • Saniya K and Vishal K of XII std scored III position in Sahodaya PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Sayand Rathnesh of X std won the Sahodaya Chess individual championship.

  • Sreehari of XII , Sayand Rathnesh of X and Amegh of IX won district level chess Championship .

  • Safwana Musthafa of class XII secured III position in Kannur Sahodaya district level Girls Shot-put Under 19

  • Druvik P of class I secured Top 3% and Alna Anish of IV std scored Top 1% at the national level in the TOFEE RIDE GO quiz contest Season 3 Finale conducted by TOFEE RIDE LEARNING PLATFORM.

  • Ananya Praveen of class IX secured II prize in Mohiniyatam conducted by Grama swaraj foundation Poomaram Nritholsavam.

  • Sreenanda Prasanth of IX std secured A grade in Sahodaya state level versification Hindi.

  • Aarushi T of IV std secured 1st rank,Rithika Jijesh of V and Gourinanda of VI secured 2nd rank in SUGAMA HINDI EXAMINATION conducted by Hindi Prachar Sabha.

  • Kannur Sahodaya selected a logo permanently for Kannur Sahodaya athletic meet designed by Lohithakshan Sir.

Training, Seminars ,Orientation and Counseling

Every academic year training, seminars and orientation programs are conducted for teachers and students to improve and implement innovative ideas in teaching learning practices as well as to take the students beyond their current level of learning.

  • Tobacco awareness training program was conducted by senior chamber chirakkal for IX –XII students on 25th June .

  • New SARASWATHI HOUSE PRIVATE LTD conducted a session for all the Hindi teachers on 27th July. Rachana Singh was the resource person.

  • An orientation class was conducted for teachers by Dhanya Bhaskaran it was conducted for KG teachers in morning session and all the English teachers in the afternoon session .

  • A workshop for all the teachers was conducted on 5th November.It was organized by PASSWORD PUBLICATIONS. Mr. Suresh Ramanatukara was the resource person.

  • Conducted a Counselling session for X & XII students on 4th February by Mr. Rajesh T.

  • Conducted a session for VIII students and parents on 21st February by Mr. Sameer Dharmadam on the Topic “Jeevithamaanu Lahari”.

Parent Teacher meetings

Parent teacher meetings were conducted during the academic session to appraise parents about their wards performance and discuss how we can, hand-in-hand help make our students better learners and good citizens. Apart from these meeting all teachers and office were in constant touch with the parents and students, keeping a watchful eye all the time and ensuring we were there for our students in this period.

Academic and Exams

We have conducted all our exams systematically and performance of our students was evaluated periodically.

Picnics and excursions

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.

The school has organized one day picnic programs for the students from KG to X . 3 days tour was conducted for class XII to Wayanad and Ootty.

Send off party to XII students

Conducted a send off party to XII students on 21st February with different programs.

Remedial classes

The goal of remedial education is to provide extra assistance to students who, for whatever reason , have fallen behind the rest of the class in areas such as language or mathematics .We have conducted remedial classes to those children who are weak in different subjects by giving extra care and support.


All the good work of the school has been possible with the cooperation of highly qualified and dedicated faculty. Our thanks to the management committee of our school for their able guidance and encouragement.