• School Uniforms

      LKG, UKG

      Boys: Check shirt with half sleeves and half trousers, belt, Skin colour socks and Black shoes.

      Girls: Frock, black shoes, skin color socks.


      I-IV Boys: Half trousers and shirt with half sleeves, Belt, skin color socks and Black shoes.

      I-V Girls : Skirt and blouse with attached Jacket, no belt, skin color socks and Black shoes.


      V-X Boys:   Shirt with attached jacket and loose fit long pants with bottom round width of 12" minimum. (no belt). Skin colour socks & Black shoes

      VI-X Girls:  Salwar kameez with jacket (no shawl). (Mafta, mackana type, no scarf). Skin colour socks & Black shoes.


      XI-XII Boys:  Shirt, Jacket and loose fit long pants with bottom width of 12" minimum. Black shoes and Black socks

      XI, XII Girls:  Salwar kameez with jacket (no shawl). Black shoes and Black socks.

  • Library Rules
    • All the students of V- X may borrow books from the School Library. Standards I- IV can
         have their own class libraries.

    • Exchange of library books is not permitted.

    • Books in the reference section cannot be taken out of the library.

    • Books may be kept for two weeks and must be returned within the due date. If needed
         renewal for further two weeks may be granted.

    • If any book is lost or very badly damaged it has to be replaced

    • Silence is to be maintained in the library at all times

  • Examination

      Three periodic test and two terminal examination for classes  I-  XII.

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